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Meet Ellen

  • I always have a song stuck in my head. I'm probably humming it without even realizing it! More than likely, it's a theme song to whatever show my kids are watching. (Paw patrol, paw patrol, be there on the double!)
  • My super power is being able to whip up something for dinner using random ingredients around the house, with no recipe, and STILL make it taste good. (Except tapioca soup...sorry honey!)
  • If it's warm out, you better believe I'll be outside on my porch, soaking up the sun, with a sudoku puzzle book in my hand. That is if the kids let me. ;)

Favorite TV Show: Sherlock

Favorite Color: Blush Pink

Favorite Food: Tacos

Favorite Place: Deep Creek Lake, MD

Favorite Music Artists: Jake Scott, For King & Country, Tenth Avenue North, John Mayer

Meet My Family

Like all great love stories, ours began at a wedding. We grew up just 5 minutes apart but it took a wedding that was 281 miles away in Owego, NY for us to meet. I was the photographer. He was the groomsman. It was love at first sight for Jonathan, but even with some liquid courage, he didn't ask me out until 10 months after the wedding! I was so surprised by him asking that I literally choked on the food I was eating during my lunch break. Thankfully, I survived.


I didn't really know Jonathan well, but his father was my piano teacher for nearly 10 years. I had heard so many stories about what he was up to, through the years, since I was about 8 years old.


For our first date, he picked me up in the exact same car that I drove (apparently Chevy HHR's were the bomb...twinsies!) and we went to the Boulevard, a classic american restaurant, where we talked for 5 hours until they were shutting the lights off in the building.

We dated for only 3.5 months, because when you know, you know. ;)


Jonathan proposed to me in the most beautiful spot, the Paradise Overlook in Bear Run Nature Reserve. I said yes (of course) and a few months later, on a warm and sunny January day in 2017, we were married. Yes, you read that right. The Lord blessed us with 65 degree weather for our snowflake themed wedding. We laugh about it because it truly was perfect, even without snow.


Over the last 6 years, two beautiful girls have joined our family: Alethea and Layla. They bring us so much joy each day! These years have also brought us much sadness as we've lost 3 precious babies. But I am thankful for the hope we have in Jesus Christ as our savior, who has provided us a way for us to see them all again one day.


Each day is a new adventure as we raise our girls and live our lives to the glory of God.

Irwin, PA & Deep Creek Lake, MD

I was born and raised in Irwin, PA. It is a beautiful small town, just outside of the city of Pittsburgh! Both mine and my husband’s family lives here, so there was no reason for us to live anywhere else when we got married! But the busy city life isn’t the only way of life I’ve always known.


In 1952, my great grandfather (who was also a photographer) bought a piece of land on Deep Creek Lake in Maryland. He began taking his family there on weekends when he wasn’t working, to relax and get away from the busyness of life. This continued with my grandparents and my parents. For over 70 years now, my family has enjoyed Deep Creek Lake. We have a wonderful home there that we can spend time with our families, which just keep growing and growing! It is such a privilege to be able to take my children to enjoy this beautiful place that my great grandfather loved so much.


I greatly enjoy relaxing at the lake, but I will occasionally take on an elopement or portrait session there! If you book a session in the Deep Creek Area, April - October, there is no additional travel fee!

Pittsburgh - Deep Creek Lake

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