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My great-grandfather was a photographer. Many of his portraits still hang around my grandparent’s home! Back then, the life of a photographer was much different than the one I experience today. The cost of film and developing it was very high; not to mention you usually only got one chance at the perfect photo. My great-grandfather’s photos are amazing. Sometimes we find an old newspaper article, or a box of his photos, and it makes me so proud of where I came from. 

My grandmother, while she never became a photographer herself, was heavily influenced in photography. She made capturing family memories a high priority. She has dozens of boxes full of photos she has taken over the last 50 years. Those photos are my heritage. They are my family’s memories, and I cherish them dearly!

Growing up, my room in my parents home was right where my great-grandfather’s darkroom was located. We joke that over the years, the chemicals seeped into my veins, and that photography is “literally” in my blood.

Family is everything! Capturing those precious milestones is such an important piece of passing on your family heritage to the next generation.

Your kids and grandkids will love looking back to where you have been. Trust me when I say they won’t care what you looked like. What they will care about is how much time you invested in them, and how much love they were shown. I want your photos to tell those stories! And so, I offer a wide variety of services to capture your most precious memories.

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…and those are just the most popular!

You can view much of my family work over on facebook and on my blog!

I would love to capture your life events! Fill out the contact form and let me know what life story you would like me to tell!

Of course, when your kids are grown, getting engaged, and planning their wedding, you can check out the next step in your life stories here!

If I have photographed your wedding, I consider you a client (and friend) for life AND you are eligible to receive special discounts on any life session! Send me a message to find out more!

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