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Kate & Richard | Mount Pleasant, PA Engagement Photos


Kate and Richard’s love story isn’t what you’d think, but it is filled with so much love and a passionate desire to be together forever and always.

They met in high school. Kate had a crush on this cute guy. She’d see him in the hallways and they’d exchange cute glances. Eventually, they became friend; best friends in fact. What better way to start your story? Through the years, they’ve stuck together and fallen madly in love.

One day last fall, they decided that they wanted to move forward with their relationship. They talked about it for a while and decided “Hey, let’s get married!” There was no grand proposal. There wasn’t even a ring! Just a love and desire to be together forever. So they started planning for their future.

Kate always wanted to have her own farm one day, like the one she had grown up on. They decided instead of buying a ring, they wanted to save up for their forever home. After a few months, they started looking around for the perfect place and found an old farm house, with around 27 acres of land. It had a barn, a miniature horse, a cat, and a few dogs that the owners didn’t just want to abandon. They were older and were looking to retire to someplace smaller. Kate and Richard were so excited to find some place so close to home. So they made went to see it, and made an offer!

Since then, they’ve added a lot to the animal portion of their family! 6 dogs and a horse to be exact!

However, they kept hitting a rut in the road with family and friends after they announced their engagement but had no ring. Her little brother especially wouldn’t believe it because “there’s no ring. So you can’t be engaged!” Everyone was poking and prodding them about a ring. So one day, Kate’s mom said “Hey let’s go to the store and see if there’s anything you’d like and I’ll get a ring for you.” They went and found an antique ring that was just perfect for her. However, not long after, Kate was washing her hands and set her ring on the sink at their home. Her cat came up, grabbed it and ran! It was never to be seen again.

Still, everyone kept prodding them: “Where’s the ring? Show us the ring! It’s not real until there’s a ring!” After weeks of torment and disbelief, Richard decided to go out and surprise her with a token of his love: a beautiful intricate rose gold ring with a morganite center. Safe to say, Kate fell in love with him all over again. 🙂

I was so excited when Kate asked me if I’d be her wedding photographer! I’ve photographed 2 weddings in her family already and they are a joy to be around.

We decided what better place to take their engagement photos than their farm, which is tucked away in Mount Pleasant, PA. It is a beautiful place with so many memories inside. Although, they did tell me a few “haunting” stories that they’ve experienced!

Richard was in a car accident right after they moved in. His car was totaled, but he was alright and so was the beautiful tea set he was bringing home for his bride to be! (The tea set is where I took her ring photos!) Because of that accident and a search for a new car, he ended up with this incredible mustang! When I pulled up to their house, Kate’s little sister pulled up in the “stang” and I asked her if it was hers! LOL To which she said “No way! It’s Richard’s sweet ride. He was letting me take it to the store.” What a nice brother in law to be right? Needless to say, we got some photos with the car. 🙂

The day we took these photos, was a warm spring like day, in January! It was only tad bit chilly outside. You’d never know because they don’t look cold at all! But then again, love does keep you very warm. 😉

This weekend is also looking to have some very nice weather! I’m so excited because their wedding is here! It seems like it came so quickly! I cannot wait to celebrate your wedding at Bell’s Banquets!


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